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Flair Recuitment Service

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Once you have passed the tests and hold all the necessary cards to work as a driver our recruitment service will really help you to get started. Below is a description of what we do to get you in front of potential employers looking for drivers just like you. 

How we help you


CV writing service

Our recruitment team will create a professional looking CV for you to send to potential employers. This is really important to create a great 1st impression when looking for a new job


Additional skills upgrade

To help you overcome the lack of experience that employers sometimes ask for, we will book you onto additional training especially for the Drivers hours & tachograph regulations that you will be expected to fully understand as an LGV driver.


How much does this service cost ?

This all inclusive service is completely FREE to all our LGV candidates. You pay nothing at all. Once we have helped to find you a new job we make a charge to your new employer. They are happy because they know you have been professionally trained and are at a high driving standard.


Daily jobs by email

We register you with various online jobsites as well as with direct employers. Each day you will receive a list of new jobs in your local area. You then simply click on the job of your choice and send the company your smart & professional CV


How long do we help you for ?

Our recruitment service does not stop until you tell us you no longer need it. We are able to help find you a driving job in most areas of the country. When you want a new job you simply call us and the service starts up again.


How to get started

This service is only available to our LGV training candidates. As soon as you book a course we start the recruitment process so that when you have passed the tests and hold the necessary cards you are ready to start arranging interviews with employers in your local area.

Thank you Flair training for the excellent service I received. Not only did I pass the C+E test first time but within a month you had found an employer that took me on straight away. All in all i'm so glad I chose Flair for my training.

Robb Walters

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