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The new way to book a Flair LGV course

1. You decide the price of your course

A brand new way to book your Flair LGV course. We don't specify a price for the course. You let us know your maximum budget and we will create the best possible course to fit that budget. As part of the process we will invite you to visit us for a completely FREE trial drive to assess your current level of driving.

2. How to proceed

Just complete the very short form on this page. We will then reply by email with details of what we can include to fit your budget. To help you choose a realistic budget you should remember that you will need the following items to complete a LGV course.

  • LGV medical

  • Theory training & tests

  • Reversing tests

  • Driving test

  • Sufficient practical driver training

  • Driver CPC (to drive professionall)

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