Guaranteed Pass Theory test in 2020

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Guaranteed Pass Theory Tests

From the start of 2020 we are including a Guaranteed Pass LGV theory test in each LGV course. This means that as long as you follow our easy terms below, if you did fail either the Multiple Choice or the Hazard Perception test we will pay for any future tests until you pass.


When you book a course we will set you up an online training account with drivingtheory4all. We have been using this system for many years and know that it is simply the best system on the market today.


Before The Test - T&Cs


Multiple Choice Test

You need to show us that you are ready for your test by scoring 90% or more in each of the 14 topic tests and passing at least 10 mock tests using the software we provide.

Hazard Perception Test

You need to show us that you are ready for your test by scoring 80% or more in ALL of the training videos using the software we provide.

We are very confident that you WILL pass the test if you use the system properly, so we just need to see that you have used it.


This might sound like a lot of effort to score this much, it really isn't. If your'e learning from scratch it should take about 12 hours in total. You will normally have a few weeks to prepare for the test.

After The Test - T&Cs

You need to show us that you actually tried to pass the test. In the multiple choice test you'll need to score at least 70 out of 100 (the Pass mark is 85). For the Hazard Perception test you'll need to score a minimum of 60 out of 100 (the Pass mark is 67)


Free Retest if you don't pass - T&Cs

If you fail either theory test our guarantee means that we will pay for any retest subject to the terms shown above. We will ask you to send us a photo of the fail certificate. As long as you have done the study shown in 'Before The Test' and achieved the minimum score shown in 'After The Test' we will book and pay for your retest.

Our system produces progress reports that allow us to monitor your training progress. If you are having problems with understanding the material just call our office and a trainer will guide you through the problem.

Please note that the Driver CPC Module 2 test is not covered by this Guarantee