Frequently asked questions

Cat C courses

Where do I take the LGV medical ?

You can take the medical with any doctor. However this is NOT a free NHS service and many doctors charge very high fees for this. We have always used a medical company that has branches in many towns and that charges a lot less than most GPs. Also this company will do the eyesight test at the same time. We provide the forms completed for you to take to the medical appointment with you. After the medical just pop the forms into the post (we provide the stamped envellope as well) and wait for DVLA to add the provisional entitlement. The provision entitlement remains valid until your 45th birthday. After that you will need another medical every 5 years until you are 65 then another one every 12 months after that.

When can I take the LGV theory tests ?

These can be booked as soon as DVLA has added the provisional entitlement. We normally book them for you at the nearest test centre to where you live. When you book a course we provide you with a personal User ID & password to log in to the online theory training. This lets you prepare for the tests with many practice questions and the chance to take unlimited mock tests.

When can I have a FREE trial drive ?

As soon as the Cat C provisional entitlement has been added by DVLA you can call and book a time slot for a trial drive. This will last approx 1 hour and will let you try a 18 tonne automatic truck on several types of road conditions. This service is completely FREE and without any obligation on your part to proceed any further. Of course we hope you do go on to book a course with us. This is a perfect opportunity for you to meet our team including the trainers and office staff and to see what driving a large truck feels like before committing yourself.

Cat C+E courses

I have passed the Cat C test, when can I get the C+E licence

As soon as your licence shows the Full Cat C entitlement you are good to go with the larger Cat C+E (artic) training and test. There is no minimum time period between taking these 2 tests.

Driver CPC

What is the Driver CPC and do I need it ?

It stands for Certificate of Professional Competence. It was introduced in Sept 2009 and is needed by all drivers of vehicles over 3.5t who drive commercially for a living. This applies even if you only drive commercially on very rare occasions. There are however some exceptions that do not need the CPC. Our office will be able to advise you or you can see these by clicking here There are 2 ways to get this qualification. 1. Initial CPC - This is done by passing 2 tests. The Module 2 case Study test is taken at any theory test centre. The Module 4 Practical demonstration is taken at our premises or at any LGV test centre. We are approved by the DVSA to conduct that test on their behalf. 2. Periodic CPC - This is done by attend 5 seperate 7 hour courses usually in a classroom. Once you have attended the 5 days you will automatically receive the Drver Qualification Card (DQC) If you passed your car test before 1st January 1997 you can choose either route but if you passed after that date you MUST do the Initial CPC. The CPC card is valid for 5 years and is renewed by attending a further 5 days periodic CPC training every 5 years thereafter.

Car & Trailer

Do I need to pass a theory test before the driving test

No, there is no additional theory test for the B+E (Car & Trailer) driving test