Available Course Dates

As we slowly start to recover from the Covid-19 total closedown there are far fewer tests available than ever before. Many driving examiners have not yet returned to work, and those that have are doing less tests each day. Our availability changes hour by hour so a phone call to us is the best way to check what we currently have available.


Test centres are only open from Monday to Friday each week and our policy is to try and ensure we reserve tests for every day. At the moment though this is not always possible.

All tests can be used for either a 'Bronze' or 'Silver' course.

All courses are done using our vehicles and trailers.

The tests are mostly in the afternoon meaning the entire course and test an be completed in a single day. If you would prefer the course to be run over 2 x 4 hour sessions on different days, this can also be arranged.


We can start and finish courses from either Chelmsford, Ipswich or Thurrock. There is plenty of free parking for your car at each location.

​Call us on 07796883887 to check what dates are still available as they go very quickly