3 day (24 hours) Cat C to C+E (artic) upgrade course
only £1099

This unique 3 day LGV Class 1 course is only available to people that already hold a full Cat C (Class 2) licence. 

For this course we have had our vehicles adapted and an extra seat fitted to be able to train 2 candidates at the same time. Instead of a trainee having a straight 4 hour training session in the morning then another candidate doing the same training in the afternoon we can now take both trainees out for the whole day together with the trainer. This means that you pay for 4 hours but actually receive 8 hours tuition for the same price. As a result the total number of days is reduced and the price reduced as well.

Below is a description of what a candidate will be doing for each of  the 3 days.

Please call our office on 07796 883887 for a list of available course dates

New artic 2.jpg

Day 1

This is the C+E reversing day. You will be taken to our dedicated DVSA approved reversing area where you will learn how to reverse the truck & trailer to the DVSA test standard. You will also learn how to uncouple and recouple an artic trailer. In the afternoon our in house assessor will conduct the Mod3a manoeuvring  test and issue a DVSA Pass certificate


Day 2

Day 2 is totally dedicated to practising the driving skills needed to pass the test. We use a number of test centre locations and you will spend the day in the area where your test will be. The 2 candidates will alternate the driving every hour, which is the duration of a driving test. When not driving you will be observing and listening intently to the instructor in readiness for your next drive.

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Day 3

Day 3 is the driving test day. Tests are usually booked for the afternoon, giving plenty of additional time to brush up on the skills needed to be successful. During the day your instructor will conduct a full blown mock test. This is important so that you know exactly how the test will feel later in that day. We have an out5standing knowledge of driving test procedures as our training manager spent a number of years working for the DVSA as a LGV driving examiner.